Soy Protein Concentrate Production Line

Soy Protein Concentrate Production Line(annual capacity: 50,000 tons)

1. Raw Materials:
low-temperature soybean flakes

2. Products:
food grade or feed grade soybean protein concentrate (SPC)

3. By-Products:
soybean syrup

4. Applications
4.1 Food grade SPC is usually used as additives of flour-made food and meat products. It is also applied for production of health care products, which contain about 70 percent protein.
4.2 Feed grade SPC is applied as feed additives in particular, which are put in fodders for baby pigs, aquatic livestock, calves or pets.

5. Process Description
In our production line, edible alcohol is used to extract and separate water-soluble components (mainly soluble sugars) from low-temperature soybean flakes. The resulting soybean product will be extruded, smashed, desolventized, dried and superfinely milled, thus obtaining soybean protein concentrate. The whole production process won’t generate water pollution and air pollution, which is environmental friendly. Our SPC production process will become the prominent method for production of SPC in the future.

6. Process Workflow

7. Major Devices
Extractor, extruder, horizontal desolventizer, vertical dryer, evaporation and concentration system for syrup, condenser for recycle of ethanol steam, recovery system for exhaust gas, protein conveying and cooling system, protein smashing and packing system, rising conveyor and other auxiliary devices.

  • Extraction System
  • Desolventizing and drying system
  • Syrup concentration system
  • Protein grinding and packing system

8. Production Capacity: 10t/d-200t/d SPC

9. Representative Clients

  • Shandong Sanwei Group Co.,Ltd., 60,000 tons/year SPC production line (under construction)
  • Shandong Shangrun Biology Co., Ltd., 30,000 tons/year SPC production line
  • Shandong Wandefu Industrial Group, 20,000 tons/year SPC production line
  • Jilin Fengzheng Soybean Food Co., Ltd., 10,000 tons/year SPC production line
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