Vegetable Protein Production Project

We provide professional and systematic solutions for production of vegetable oils and vegetable proteins.

    1. Soybean Meal Production LineWe provide various soybean intensive processing lines, one of which is suitable for production of low temperature soybean meal.
    1. Soy Protein Concentrate Production LineIn our production line, edible alcohol is used to extract and separate water-soluble components (mainly soluble sugars) from low-temperature soybean flakes.
    1. Soy Protein Isolate Production LineSevering as a kind of food additive, soybean protein isolate is able to efficiently improve the protein content of the food, thus improving food functional performance.
    1. Cottonseed Protein Production LineCottonseed go through delinting, husking, low temperature softening, flaking, conditioning, leaching, degreasing , drying, toxic substance (gossypol) removal to produce cottonseed protein, which contains about 90 percent globin.
    1. Full Fat Soybean Powder Production LineRising conveyor, magnetic separator, scale, huller, kernel husk separator, horizontal softening machine, flaking mill, dryer, air net for dust removal, electric control equipment and other auxiliary devices.

Project Example

  • 800t/d low temperature soybean flake production line in Russia
  • 60,000t/y soybean protein concentrate (SPC) production line
  • 600t/d low temperature soybean flake production line
  • 10,000t/y soybean protein isolate (SPI) production line