Rapeseed Oil Production Project
  • Production Capacity: 100-3000t/d rapeseed
  • 800t/d rapeseed oil pressering, extraction, refinery production line
Unloading, Cleaning, Warehousing automatic grains unloading
cleaning, removing impurities, entering warehouse
automatic temperature measurement and ventilation
automatic transportation, leaving warehouse
Pre-Pressing Workshop automatic online weighing
removing stones and iron particles
conditioning, flaking
cooking (puffing), pressing
flakes cooling, crude oil flitration
Extraction Workshop solvent extraction
desolventizing with DTC desolventizer-toaster
negative pressure evaporation system
solvent recycle system
circulating water system
safeguard system
Meal Warehouse screening, grinding
packing, bagging
automatic stacking, entrucking
Refining Workshop crude oilrefrigeration, filtration
degumming, deacidification
bleaching, deodorization
Vegetable Oil Production Line
  • 1,500t/d Soybean, Rapeseed Oil Production Line
  • 1,000 t/d Soybean, Rapeseed Oil Production Line
  • 300t/d Rapeseed Oil Production Line