Rice Bran Oil Production Project
  • Prodction Capacity: 30-600t/d rice bran
  • 400t/d extruded rice bran oil production line in Heilongjiang
Cleaning, Removing impurities removing stones by winnowing
removing rice screenings using screen
removing iron particles using magnetic separator
automatic online weighing
Pre-Treatment Workshop conditioning
puffing, refreshing
Extraction Workshop solvent extraction
desolventizing with DTC desolventizer-toaster
negative pressure evaporation system
solvent recycle system
circulating water system
safeguard system
miscella refining
Meal Warehouse screening, grinding
packing, bagging
automatic stacking, entrucking
Refining Workshop degumming (add phosphoric acid and water)
dewatering, drying
deacidification (physical and chemical)
deodorization, degreasing
Vegetable Oil Production Line
  • 400t/d Extruded Rice Bran Oil Production Line