Livestock and Poultry Carcass Disposal Equipment

1. Raw Materials:
dead livestock and poultry, meats

2. Products:
meat and bone meal and grease

3. Applications
Meat meal is a kind of environmental friendly feed additive which is high in protein ,while grease can be used as industrial oil or biodiesel.

4. Process Workflow
Animal Carcass Conveyor System → High Pressure and High Temperature Sterilization Section → Pressure Relief and Waste Gas Treatment Section → Drying and Cooling Section → Meat and Bone Meal Section → Dust Removal and Waste Gas Treatment Section → Weighing, Packing and Warehousing Section

Specifications of Dryer (batch feed, 5 tons for each batch)
Item Shell Jacket Center Shaft
Drum Diameter (mm) Ф 1,600 Ф 1,700 Ф 1,500
Design Pressure (MPa) -0.1/0.5 0.25 0.6
Design Temperature (°C) 158 210 158
Working Pressure (MPa) -0.098/0.4 0. 2 0.5
Working Temperature (°C) 152 200 152
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.65 0.35 0.8
Working Medium Raw material Conduction oil Steam
Vessel Class I class
I class

5. Process Description
Our production line consists of one set of one-piece equipment with compacting structure, thus imposing no limitation for installation places. It features high level of automation and intelligence. It is able to automatically feed a whole animal carcass into the disposal tank. Hence, operators don’t have to contact with the dead livestock and poultry. Furthermore, remote operation and unmanned operation are available. Frozen animal carcasses can be processed directly without defrosting. Generally, the dead livestock and poultry will enter a dryer with high temperature and high pressure at first for cooking and thorough sterilization. Then the dried animal carcass will be squeezed into meat meal and grease. The harmless meat meal can be used for production of high grade fodders or fertilizers. This whole process doesn’t require any biological enzyme at all. Peculiar smell generated during the production process will be collected into the negative pressure pipe. Totally enclosed treatment mode completely eliminates emission of toxic gases, liquids and unpleasant odors, which is environmental friendly and meets national standards for disposal results of dead livestock and poultry.

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