Pressure Vessel, Dryer

    1. Biomass DryerCompact layout, simple structure, high heat change efficiency, low heat consumption, energy conservation, a wide range of applications, large capacity, large evaporation capacity, thorough blending of material in the rotary drum, no residue
    1. High Pressure Heat ExchangerComplied with ASME standards,the heater is designed to heat natural gas using water vapor. Then the natural gas can enter sequential combustor directly.
    1. Three Phase SeparatorDevice Name: Three-Phase Horizontal Separator
      Medium: acid medium
      Design Temperature :-0.489361702℃
      Dimensions: Φ1,800*8,200*20/Φ1,400*6,000*60 (6 sets in total)
    1. ASME Pressure VesselVessel Name: Filter
      Medium: lubricating oil
      Design Temperature :125℃
      Dimensions: Φ900*1,200*10/Φ1,000*1,300*10

Our company is committed to R&D, design and manufacture of various ASME pressure vessels, high pressure heat exchangers and rotary dryers. We have obtained design and manufacturing licenses for ASME pressure vessels, ISO9001 quality management system certification and French Bureau Veritas certification. In our production process, we make use of different kinds of digital flexible manufacturing techniques such as CAD, CAM and CAPP. In addition, we introduce state-of-art production equipment and recruit skillful and experienced technicians. As a result, we are able to fully satisfy our customers with our Chemsta-branded devices. Up to now, we have successfully sold about 10,000 superior quality pressure vessels to many countries, which include America, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

We are able to produce various pressure vessels based on customers’ requirements. Our products are listed as followed.