Biodiesel Production Turn-key Project

1. Raw Materials:
soybean oil, animal fat and vegetable oil, etc

2. Products:
glycerin and biodiesel

3. Main Applications
3.1 Glycerin is widely applied in medical and chemical industries.
3.2 Biodiesel can be used alone or blended with petroleum diesel.

4. Process Description
Our biodiesel plant enables users to produce biodiesel using various oils, which contain free fatty acid in any quantity, even 100 percent. Our biodiesel production process also eliminates the need of sulfuric acid, sodium methylate and catalyst. The glycerin obtained can be processed to industrial grade or medical grade. Unreacted methanol will be completely recycled from glycerin and biodiesel and also be purified by distillation. With SUPERTM supercritical patented technology, we are also capable of producing biodiesel using free fatty acids or triglyceride.

Oil Process
① Raw Oil → ⑤ SUPERTM Supercritical Patent Technology → ⑥ Glycerin Tank
Methanol Process
② Impure Methanol → ③ Methanol Distillation → ④ Pure Methanol → ⑤ SUPERTM Supercritical Patent Technology → ⑦ Biodiesel Dehydration → ⑧ Biodiesel Distillation → ⑨ Biodiesel

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