Three Phase Separator


Device Name: Three-Phase Horizontal Separator Medium: acid medium
Design Pressure (MPa) Design Temperature (℃) Thermal Treatment Method Nondestructive Testing Method
10 -0.489361702 PWHT 100%RT
Texture SA516 Gr.70N/SA350/SA333 Gr.6 Dimensions: Φ1,800*8,200*20/Φ1,400*6,000*60 (6 sets in total)
Separator Introduction Complied with ASME standards and America NACE MR0175 standards, the separator is mainly applied in oil fields for separation of water-oil-gas three phase liquids. It is able to efficiently prevent stress cracking, hydrogen induced cracking, stepwise cracking of sulfides. The minimum design temperature of the metal used for production of the separator is -46℃. Design pressure is 10MPa. We are the first one to make this kind of separator in China.
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